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Background Information

Bioprotectant supplement for stress relief

Adaptrin® is a unique proprietary botanical adaptogen product. It is formulated on the principles of Tibetan medicine and is designed to regulate, normalize, and support the cardiovascular and immune systems, providing a platform for healthy living and optimal aging.*

Developed by five generations of Badmaev physicians, with over 150 years of practical experience and over 30 years of systematic scientific research, Adaptrin® provides a balanced formula by utilizing three distinct ingredient groups:

  1. Main acting ingredients
  2. Ingredients that support the main action
  3. Ingredients that prevent any untoward effects of the first two groups and increase gastrointestinal bioavailability of the active principle(s) of the formula

The triadic formulation method used in Adaptrin® is based on the Dr. Badmaev Family Tradition of Tibetan medicine that provides a synergistic and harmonized approach to supporting health and longevity. It is an integral aspect of the Dr. Badmaev philosophy of Interactive Nutrients.